Terms for Selfie

These are just 5 general tips on how to take a good selfie pic. You want cosmetics with that? What about fashion clothing? Those are added extras, these tips below are just the basics.

1. Get a digital camera or Smartphone.

This topic may be explored in greater depth here later but for now ensure that you have a decent camera on your Smartphone. Alternatively, you can use a slim, pocket digital camera. Whichever type of camera you use ensure that it has plenty of camera megapixels. This is important for taking a clear photo in the first place as well as one in a big enough resolution for the interweb (especially for desktop computer users with wide monitor screens).

2. Stand near decent lighting.

Make sure that there is plenty of good light nearby. Take the cover off your phone, or your digital camera lens cap of course, otherwise the pic will not have as much background light.

3. No duck faces!

Do not bother pulling the duck face if you want a good selfie pic. Just smile. Do not try to pose in any way. Do not dress in a bikini, just wear decent clothes for a good selfie. All the other types of selfies (bikini ones and others) can be tried later.

4. Raise your arm.

Raise your arm about 45 degrees above your shoulder height on an angle. Tilt your head slightly to one side. Take several snaps from different angles by swapping arms to hold the camera. Do not stand in front of a mirror and take the snap via that because it is lame. Just take the pic with the camera facing you.

5. Use an app

Clean up your pic with a Smartphone selfie app or an Instagram filter for selfies.